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Carbon and its compounds class 10 pdf

Carbon and Its Compounds.
B) ethanoic acid :- CH3cooh Acetic acid: b) ethanoic acid :- CH 3 cooh Acetic acid Properties :- i) Ethanoic acid is a colourless liquid with a pungent smell and sour taste.
Ex.4.1 - Properties of Ethanol.The melting point of ethanoic acid is 17C.2) Bonding in carbon Covalent bond class :-: 2) Bonding in carbon Covalent bond :- The atomic number of carbon is 6, its electronic arrangement is 2,4, it has 4 valence electrons.Ethanol has no reaction with sodium Hydrogen carbonate but Ethanoic Acid gives brisk Effervescence with Sodium hydrogen carbonate.They are Normal pentane, Iso pentane and Neo pentane.( Names end with ane ) carbon Eg :- CH 3 Cl Chloro methane, C 2 H 5 Br Bromo ethane ii) Alcohol :- - OH ( Names end with ol ) Eg :- CH 3 OH Methanol, C 2 H 5 OH Ethanol H iii).Answer: Difference between ethanol and ethanoic acid on the basis of their physical and chemical properties are as follows:- Ethanol has a pleasant smell whereas ethanoic acid has the smell of vinegar.When soap is dissolved in water, its hydrophobic ends attach themselves to the dirt and remove it from the cloth.In each micelle the soap molecules are arranged radially such that the HC part compounds is towards the centre and the ionic part is towards the outside.Ethyne Ethyne C 2 H 2 H C C Propyne - C 3 H 4 H C C C 7) Isomerism :-: 7) Isomerism :- Carbon compounds having the same molecular formula but different structural formulae are called isomers.Answer: Correct Option: - (b) the fuel is not burning completely.Exercise.4 - 2 Questions with Solutions.Answer: When hydrogen is added to unsaturated hydrocarbons in the presence of catalysts such as palladium or nickel they give rise to saturated hydrocarbons. Micelles can be formed only around suspended molecules of class oil in a mixture.
When soap ebook is at the owners surface of water, the hydrophobic tail of soap server will not be soluble in water and rollup the soap will align along the surface of water with the ionic end in water and the hydrocarbon tail protruding out of water.
The general formula of this series is CnH2n2.
_ _ I I 3) Formation of covalent bonds :- : 3) Formation of covalent bonds :- Covalent bond is chemical bond formed by the sharing of electrons owners between atoms.Similarly, as one proceeds further through chapter 4, Carbon and Its Compounds, carbon Some Important Carbon Compounds Ethanol and Ethanoic Acid and their properties will be learned.Question 11: What change will you observe if you test soap with litmus paper (red and blue)?Question 9: Why are carbon and its compounds used as fuels for most applications?We provide step compounds by step solutions for the questions given in Class 10 Science textbook as per cbse Board guidelines from the latest ncert book for Class 10 Science.

CH 3 cooc 2 H 5 NaOH CH 3 coona C 2 H 5 OH vi) Ethanoic acid reacts with bases to form salt and water.
F2, question 6: What is a homologous series?
Hence, the dust particles carbon and its compounds class 10 pdf are easily rinsed away by water.